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How Bitcoin Gambling Works

How is Bitcoin Gambling different? At first glance, there’s a lot of features in Bitcoin casinos that mirror those of normal online casinos. At the heart of it, all casinos offer you the chance to win money at games of chance. And Bitcoin casinos offer you no less: a chance to wager your coins and win more. But the major difference with Bitcoin casinos when compared to their conventional counterparts lies in the very simplicity of Bitcoin: a decentralised, trustless, digital currency. By using Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency) instead of traditional fiat, through credit cards, payment processors or banks,...

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Bitcoin Gambling Tricks

So you know all about Bitcoin gambling? You’ve read all there is to know in countless guides, so you know what Bitcoin is, you know which casinos accept them, you understand the risks, you get why it’s so special. So you’re pretty much ready to open an account, deposit some coins and get to your winning ways. Some people say that gambling for a living is a myth. We don’t support or criticise this stance. Gambling at a casino with a house edge, by definition, means that you will lose in the long term. So the best advice is...

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Bitcoin Gambling Tips

We’ve covered a lot of topics about Bitcoin gambling and, for that matter, crypto gambling in general. Bitcoin gambling truly is the next frontier in online gambling. It offers a lot of excitement, innovation and holds plenty of potential for true global acceptance, particularly with unique features such as anonymous gambling and provably fair gambling. Despite all these benefits, Bitcoin gambling is still a fledgling ecosystem. There are hardly any casinos with more than five years of operation. In an industry that is accustomed to sudden exit scams, Bitcoin casinos suddenly disappear with gambler funds. Exit scams are actually...

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Bitcoin Gambling Guide

What is Bitcoin gambling and why should I be interested? Bitcoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency and is responsible for the current innovation of the online gambling industry. Yes, it’s hip and exciting, but for a lot of good reasons. When online gambling was first discussed in the 1990s, it was viewed with a lot of suspicion and took a long time to get a foothold. No one expected how much it would grow to be accepted and recognised. By the mid-2000s, online casinos were sponsoring football teams in the English Premier League. But Bitcoin has led its...

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Legit Bitcoin Gambling

It’s new, therefore, it’s risky As tough as it may seem for Bitcoin to convince the largely conservative world of conventional finance, it may be even tougher for Bitcoin gambling. It was difficult enough to convince casinos that the Internet was their next big arena, but telling them to use cryptocurrency? That’s still a big ask, despite the number of Bitcoin casinos popping up every day. Gamblers too are risk takers, that’s a given bet. But with the seemingly high failure or scam rates of Bitcoin casinos, can gamblers still embrace Bitcoin gambling? How to distinguish “legit” Bitcoin casinos?...

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Bitcoin Gambling Australia

Australia and Bitcoin gambling If you’re an avid gambler from down under, then you may have noticed a storm brewing in the gambling scene. The news centres around intense political debate on proposed amendments to the Interactive Gambling Act’s (IGA) Amendment Bill 2017. The government is under pressure to finalise the Bill. Among others, this will see the noose tighten around so-called ‘offshore’ casinos opening its doors to Aussies. It all boils down to how the rather ambiguous gambling laws of Australia that sees online gambling as not legal. At the same time, this is not illegal. Confused? Simply...

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Bitcoin Gambling Taxes

The surest things in life… … are death and taxes, so the saying goes. Whoever coined that phrase should probably add in “house edge” and variance. We gamblers certainly will have come to know by now! Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are becoming more and more accepted as payment or assets of value. And as they slowly gain legal recognition by states and government, the matter of tax comes into play. Because of the extremely wide grey area between the black and white of legality when it comes to Bitcoin gambling, on top of the varying degrees of legislation...

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Bitcoin Dice With Faucets

  Bitcoin Dice If you’ve been following our articles, then you already know where to play Black Jack for free. How? By taking advantage of in-built casino faucets! Here, we’ll tell you where to find casino faucets that’ll let you play everybody’s favorite Bitcoin game: dice! Faucets and dice married in heaven Don’t worry, we’re not going to launch into a trip down crypto memory lane when talking about Bitcoin dice faucets. Sure, it’s probably the oldest crypto game and will always have a special place in crypto gambling lore.  But sentimentality aside, you’ll be very happy to know...

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BitKong There isn’t a better way to nick a few Bitcoins off an angry gorilla than to play BitKong. Visit Website Overview Although just coming to two years old, BitKong has come quite a ways since it first joined the plethora of Bitcoin gambling sites on the Internet as It really rode the waves last year with its famous claims of “World’s Biggest Faucet” when it was still giving out 2,000 satoshi per new user claim. While this was probably only true because newcomers could instantly access it, it was still a big claim that, judging from its...

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