Betting on the house

One of the many innovations that Bitcoin gambling has come to embrace is the concept of opening the doors of casino investments to the general public. Being able to invest in the lucrative crypto gambling industry was traditionally the arena of the the very wealthy – requiring significant capital, underwriting and legal expertise to jump through the many hoops imposed by land-based casino.

However, the ease of obtaining Bitcoin, coupled with the unique features of crypto gambling, such as provably fair betting and a public ledger, allowed several entrepreneurs to come up with the concept of crowdfunding a casino bankroll – spreading the obvious risk of financing a casino amongst many participants.

Moneypot was one of the earliest pioneers in this concept, attracting tens of thousands of anonymous Bitcoin holders to invest in a central bankroll that funded multiple casinos through the use of its integrated bankroll apps. In short, developers simply had to design games or casinos that plugged into Moneypot’s bankroll, instead of coming up with their own separate financing.

It met with near-instant success, with many investors seeing profits rising more than double in a matter of years and a total bankroll exceeding 1,000 BTC at its zenith. Although its fortunes have since seen a turn of tide since the end of 2016 (currently, it is running at a loss), the allure of theoretical profit over the long term spawned many other casinos following the same business crowdfunded bankroll model.

At its heart is the old adage: the house always wins. Eventually, anyway!

Interested in investing in a Bitcoin casino? Here are some casinos that let you bet on the house. Be aware, however, that while the potential for profits are good, none of these are regulated – you always risk the casino closing down and disappearing with your money.

Bitcoin Casino Investment List

  1. Bitvest

We start off the list with Bitvest, a site that started out as a self-styled Bitcoin faucet with Bitcoin Plinko. Today, plinko is still very popular but they also have four other games to attract gamblers. It’s seen steady growth since its re branding, and advertises one of the most attractive returns, giving out between 1.15% to 1.8333% of total site wagers to investors, roughly ten times what most others offer.

Sharing out 70% of site profits, investors can also get more bang for buck (of course, exposing themselves to more risk) by using margin adjustments. In effect, you could potentially have 5x more the value of your investment.

The site is pretty transparent about the back end of its bankroll, furnishing verifiable details of Proof of Liabilities and Proof of Reserves as assurance to investors.

  1. KingDice

Launched in October 2016, KingDice met with limited success, despite reaching a respectable 191 BTC bankroll and 16 million bets in its first six months. However, we’ve decided to list it here due to its upcoming potential after being bought over by the owner of in July 2017.

Unless you’ve been missing from the faucet scene, is possibly the oldest surviving Bitcoin faucet online, and one of the most active, with a huge database of users. Even if a tiny portion of them migrate to KingDice, that’s a lot of users willing to gamble a lot of crypto, judging from the track record of

At its last update, KingDice allowed you to invest from as little as 0.001 BTC. Site profits were split down evenly at 50% and paid out weekly. It was, however, one of the least transparent, with almost no verifiable information on its bankroll nor profit formula. But keep an eye out for this site for when it relaunches! Investors raked in about $20,000 profit in the first four months of operation, so who knows?

  1. SafeDice

While there’s no such thing as safe gambling, as its name implies, SafeDice has probably the lowest house edge on any Bitcoin Dice online at a mere 0.5%. What makes it interesting for potential investors is that SafeDice also features a variable house edge – allowing players to win up to 5% of the site’s bankroll, provided they were willing to gamble at a staggering 10% house edge!

It’s a smart move to convince gamblers to take extra risks for bigger payouts, and it’s a strategy that might suit investors.

It also takes a small 10% cut of the house edge as commissions, giving SafeDice investors the most return on their risk. There’s a wide margin adjustment allowed as well, from 0.5x to 10x Kelly criterion, allowing you to manage your risk appetite. Like Monero? You can invest with XMR at SafeDice.

  1. Crypto-Games

Crypto-Games has posted a very steady climb in investment bankroll (for BTC, anyway) for the past year. This is probably due to several factors: steady growth of players, no margin adjustment for investments and a conservative maximum win at their games (0.5% of bankrolls older than 7 days).

Investors are paid 70% of profit/losses hourly and there is a good level of transparency with the exact formula used as well as cold wallet balances. Additionally, the site provides real time tracking of profit/losses, with charts that show you how your investments have performed.

They also offer separate investment bankrolls for 8 cryptocurrencies: BTC, DOGE, LTC, DASH, PPC, XMR, ETH and GRC, allowing greater diversification for the investor.

  1. YOLODice

The newest investment option on this list, YOLODice probably takes the top spot in terms of transparency with its investment option, at least, from what we’ve seen. Information is displayed in a unique and attractive info-graphics that very easily displays performance as well as your portion of the bankroll. Cold wallets are also verifiable.

The formulae used for calculating your share of profits/losses is also very precise, a reflection of YOLODice being a personal project of its creators.

There’s a relatively low entry point, as you can invest with as little as 0.005 BTC (just under $15 at today’s rate). Investors get 80% of the site’s profits and can take advantage of up to 10 times leverage on their shares.