Bitcoin Dice

If you’ve been following our articles, then you already know where to play Black Jack for free. How? By taking advantage of in-built casino faucets! Here, we’ll tell you where to find casino faucets that’ll let you play everybody’s favorite Bitcoin game: dice!

Faucets and dice married in heaven

Don’t worry, we’re not going to launch into a trip down crypto memory lane when talking about Bitcoin dice faucets. Sure, it’s probably the oldest crypto game and will always have a special place in crypto gambling lore.  But sentimentality aside, you’ll be very happy to know that almost all sites that offer Bitcoin dice also offer faucets.

In fact, most Bitcoin dice games allow you to set your own winning chance and/or payout rates. This allows you to potentially turn a small faucet amount into small fortunes. Compare this to other games like Black Jack (where you might win up to 1.5x your wager on the highest hand) or Roulette (36x highest payout on a straight number). You’ll quickly realize that faucets and dice really go hand-in-hand.

Here are five casinos with Bitcoin dice that also feature a faucet to let you play for free to win for real.

1. Pocket Dice
It is one of the most recognised Bitcoin dice games online due to many casinos embedding their app into their suite of games. Pocket Dice is as close as it gets to actual dice. Each “roll” you make produces an animation of two six-sided dice being rolled out of a cup, randomly giving you a result from 2 to 12. Simply predict the result to be higher or lower than the range of 2 to 12 and win from 1.01x to 35.3x payout.

Faucet: The free faucet gives out 1,000 satoshi every 60 minutes when your balance is zero. Deposit bitcoins and the faucet lets you claim every 10 minutes. As you wager more, you can earn rewards that’ll let you claim bigger amounts or speed up the timer.

House edge: 1.9%

2. BitDice
BitDice’s Bitcoin dice game is one of the best features of this fun yet elegant casino.

Faucet: Every 15 minutes, you can claim 250 satoshi from the faucet when your balance is nil. They reward player loyalty, however, as increasing wagers gain you higher levels, increasing your faucet size. You also get daily Treasure Chests which gives you a random amount of free satoshi (in the form of bonus points), increasing with your level. Potential payout is as high as 990,000, meaning you could possibly turn 1 satoshi into almost 0.01 BTC! If that’s not all, there’s a Jackpot that can be won with a 77.7777 roll (the bigger your wager, the bigger the % of Jackpot you win).

House edge: Starts at a respectable 1%, going as low as 0.84% with higher levels.

3. Bitsler
Given that it’s barely two years old, Bitsler has an immensely popular following, with more than 12.5 billion bets placed there! Allowing fully anonymous play and hosted in an attractive Flash environment, Bitsler features very fast autobets that let you win as much as 9,900x your wager. However, as a new player, you may only try up to 9x payout. You’ll find that after a few rounds of wagering, higher limits open up.

Faucet: Newbies can claim 300 satoshi from the faucet up to 15 times a day, but play more and you advance in levels, with Legendary players (Level 50) able to claim 5,000 satoshi unlimited times.

House edge: Bitsler has an industry standard for low house edges of 1% but there are random “Edgeless casino” periods triggered at the site, allowing you to play at 0% house edge!

4. MegaDice
MegaDice have yet to celebrate their first anniversary, but old hands may recognise it from its association with a famous name in Bitcoin dice: SatoshiDice. Bought over 4 years ago and now under new management, MegaDice has refocused on its flagship Bitcoin dice game. Featuring one of the biggest possible payouts (x64,946) in the dice industry, your max winning is capped at 0.5% of the house bankroll. This is currently 263 BTC, meaning you could win 1.8 BTC at most.

Faucet: If you have less than 100 satoshi, you can claim 200 satoshi from the faucet every 60 seconds. It’s currently disabled due to abuse but support is working to re-enable it. There are also plans to introduce player bonuses that are likely to increase faucet claims.

House edge: MegaDice has a 0.9% house edge on dice.

5. YoloDice
There’s nothing that quite captures the spirit of Bitcoin dice as the millennial phrase of “You Only Live Once”. At YoloDice, you get a personal project with some unique innovations to Bitcoin dice, such as the implementation of a Master Address as part of its login and withdrawal process. This requires users to be in full control of their Bitcoin wallets. A slight inconvenience perhaps but a good exercise of security. It also has one of the most transparent investment options, allowing you to invest Bitcoin and be part of the house bankroll.

Faucet: You can tap the faucet for 200 satoshi when you’re completely broke. This amount grows progressively to 3,000 satoshi as you wager, deposit or invest more

House edge: House edge is 1% at YoloDice, putting it very much on par with the competition.