So you know all about Bitcoin gambling? You’ve read all there is to know in countless guides, so you know what Bitcoin is, you know which casinos accept them, you understand the risks, you get why it’s so special. So you’re pretty much ready to open an account, deposit some coins and get to your winning ways.

Some people say that gambling for a living is a myth. We don’t support or criticise this stance. Gambling at a casino with a house edge, by definition, means that you will lose in the long term. So the best advice is never gamble with more than what you’re willing to lose. Treat your deposits as money you’ll lose in exchange for a bit of entertainment AND the chance to win more, and you’ll never walk away from a game disappointed.

That having been said, of course there are some tricks that experienced Bitcoin gamblers use to maximise their chances of winning. Whether it’s taking advantage of promotions, free money for games you already play or simply playing at casinos with the lowest house edges, employing some of these “tricks of the trade” can go a long way to improving your Bitcoin gambling experience.

Here are some tricks we’ve learned over the years that we’re more than happy to share with you:

1. Look out for Bitcoin casino anniversaries or milestones

One of the hallmarks of established Bitcoin casinos are the large number of players who come and gamble there, as well as the years of operation. It’s a new industry, riddled with casinos that have come and gone, amidst scores more sprouting up every week. Bitcoin casinos love to celebrate anniversaries and betting milestones, marking it with great competitions and giveaways.

Keep an eye out for your favourite casino’s anniversary or milestones by following their social media. Bookmark their Twitter or Facebook or Bitcointalk threads to get a head’s up. Most of these competitions are simple random giveaways that you can win simply by being active during the promotional period. Recently, Crypto-Games celebrated its fourth anniversary by playing games in its chat rooms, giving away free 0.5 BTC worth of crypto and lottery tickets. Bitsler also recently concluded a promotion celebrating their 14th billion bet, giving away 0.55 BTC to 40 users who either made bet exact bet IDs or hit exact numbers.

You typically don’t have to do more than what you already do. Just gamble during these periods for a chance to win extra.

2. Take advantage of loyalty programmes

Another unique aspect of Bitcoin casinos are their communities. Many feature a loyalty or level programme, which rewards you as you become more active. With Crypto-Games, for example, the more you wager, refer, invest or even chat, the higher your levels. At its highest levels, you can claim more than 20,000 satoshi (that’s a whopping $0.85 value at current rate) from its faucet.

Other casinos give great cashback returns at higher levels, meaning you gain more whether you win or lose.

Of course, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to a few casinos. But find the ones you like and invest your time in them. Veteran players often get other perks such as preferential/fasttrack withdrawals, random tips and rewards.

3. Keep an eye out for zero house edge games

Zero house edge means simply that the casino has NO advantage over you when it comes to betting outcomes. You’ll never find this feature at conventional casinos.

If you think that 1% house edge and 0.5% house edge is a small difference, think again. That’s not a 0.5% difference but a 500% statistical difference! Mathematically, 0 house edge is infinitely better than any house edge.

Impossiblet to find? Not really. Casinos like SafeDice feature a zero house edge promotion from time to time, you just need to be on alert to take advantage. In fact, we even know of one casino (Crypto-Games) that has a player edge on their weekly lotteries! All (100%) of the pot in their lotteries goes to winners PLUS 1% contributed from the casino.

Another example is Bitcoinrush’s own Bitcoinrush PVP game. If you think you’ve got what it takes, bet head to head against another gambler, and take all the winnings without commission (only at 0.1 mBTC bets).

4. Encountered problems? Be nice to support

Most Bitcoin gamblers take to social media or bitcointalk to whine about slow withdrawals or account glitches, complaining that they’ve waited hours for their 200,000 satoshi withdrawal to clear. But if you ever run into problems with your account (deposit not showing, withdrawals pending, etc) it actually pays to be nice.

Not only will support be more likely to solve your issue quickly, more often that not, you might discover a small tip for the inconvenience. Hey, every little bit helps!