Play against the house or play against your friends at BitDouble!


BitDouble made its entrance into the Bitcoin gambling scene in late 2016, introducing new twists to “social gambling” with two new games. With BitDouble Roulette you play against the house and with Coinflip you play against another player.

Other than the inspiration from actual Roulette, the BitDouble game takes form of a strip instead of a wheel. Everything that you need at the site fits nicely on one page, including the chat window.

It’s a refreshing concept and a move away from Bitcoin dice that’s already proven quite popular. The management also hints at new games to be added and if plans include more unique social games can be introduced, that can’t be a bad thing.



New social gambling casino with two unique PvP and multiplayer games.


Mobile friendly.


Decent VIP leveling system with bonus cashback.


Provably fair.


Volume affiliate system. The more wagering volume your referrals make, the more you earn.



Only 2 games, with Coinflip too simple to retain long-term interest.


Small max bet (0.5 BTC).


Support only available through ticket system and chat box.


Community is still small and growing.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The site deals in Bitcoin only, in units of mBTC (0.001 BTC). Minimum deposits start at 1 mBTC, although you can bet as small as 100 satoshi, so a minimum deposit can get you at least 100 plays. Deposits need “1 or 2 confirmations” to show up in your balance according to the FAQ.

Currently, maximum bets are set at 500 mBTC (0.5 BTC) and all deposits must be wagered at least once before you can withdraw.

Withdrawals promise to be quick, but the minimum is set at 2.5 mBTC with a fixed withdrawal fee of 0.2 mBTC.


Its Roulette game takes inspiration from the Bitcoin namesake you’ll often find in other casinos, but with a multiplayer twist that’s closer to the real thing. In essence, players bet on each BitDouble game, with new rounds just starting one after another – so the result is the same for everyone, just like in roulette.

There are 15 outcomes on each game, numbering from 0-14. You can place four types of bets that will double your money (Reds 1-7, Blacks 8-14, Even or Odd) or you can bet on 0 and win 14 times your bet.

The other game is a PvP coin toss, double or nothing at its most basic. Enter an existing game or start your own, choose heads or tails and that’s it.


There’s a free 500 satoshi faucet that you can claim once per hour if you have nothing to play with, just click the gift icon next to your balance to do so.

High volume players are also awarded up to 10 VIP levels (and a nice badge next to their name in chat) as well as a Bitcoin bonus for reaching each level. It’s currently set at 10% of total wagered amounts, so it works out as a pretty decent cashback system with no wagering requirements.