There isn’t a better way to nick a few Bitcoins off an angry gorilla than to play BitKong.


Although just coming to two years old, BitKong has come quite a ways since it first joined the plethora of Bitcoin gambling sites on the Internet as It really rode the waves last year with its famous claims of “World’s Biggest Faucet” when it was still giving out 2,000 satoshi per new user claim. While this was probably only true because newcomers could instantly access it, it was still a big claim that, judging from its growing user base, looks like it worked.

Today, the tone has somewhat softened and the faucet is a lot more modest, but with added features like the opportunity to earn interest on deposits and a strengthened bonus structure, BitKong not only retains its unique identity among Bitcoin gambling sites, but looks to stay on for a very long time.



Simple, fun, addictive.


Great faucet and bonuses.


Anonymous play and provably fair in place.


You can deposit and hold Bitcoins for 8% annual interest.


Support for quite a number of languages you won’t find elsewhere, such as Indonesian.



Only one game.


Deposit/withdraw minimums are a bit on the high side.


Support only available through Chat, with responses promised within several hours.

Deposits and Withdrawals

This is a Bitcoin-only site and features instant play (no need to wait for confirmations) as well as automatic withdrawals for most amounts. They say in Terms and Conditions that they process large withdrawals manually from 10am to 6pm on business days but it seems even 0.1 BTC requests are completed automatically.

The minimum deposits and withdrawals are set at 4,000 bits or 0.004 BTC. There is a flat 500 bit withdrawal fee charged. You’re “allowed” to deposit less than the minimum but you’ll be levied a fee of 500 bits, so the absolute minimum here is 50,001 satoshi…

All deposits must receive at least 2 network confirmations before you’ll be allowed to withdraw.

If you choose to play anonymously (you can create an account simply by logging in with your Facebook account), make sure you clear out your balances before you leave the game!


There’s just one game here but it’s easy to play. You’re presented with a board in the centre, displaying rows containing cells. Start a new game by choosing your bet amount, and click Play.

Starting at the bottom row, you have to choose a cell from each row, revealing a winning or losing result. If you choose a win, you can choose to progress up a row and choose another cell. Consecutive wins will snag you bigger payouts (they’re displayed so you can see) but a losing result means you lose everything. At any point after choosing a winning result, you can choose to take your winnings, thereby ending the game.

Additionally, you can choose from three difficulty modes: Easy, Medium and Hard. At Easy, two out of three cells will reveal winning results. At Medium, there are two cells with one a winning result and the other a losing result. At Hard, you’ll have to guess one winning result from three cells.

Naturally, as the mode gets harder, the odds of you winning decrease, but your potential payouts increase.


There are a number of bonuses at BitKong, including a multiple feature faucet that will let new Facebook users claim 5 bits (500 satoshi) every 20 minutes as long as you have less than 1 bit in your balance – limited to 100 claims a day.

They’ve got faucet package options if you don’t want to have to wait around. It’ll cost you 3,000 bits to get 200 claims of 20 bits, 7,000 bits to get 500 claims of 20 bits and 12,000 bits to get 1,000 claims of 20 bits.

Follow their social media on Facebook and Twitter to receive instant alerts for random events such as Funky Hour when the faucet gives out 25 bits every 10 minutes. If you’re a weekend player, then you’ll be happy to know you can claim 15 bits every 10 minutes from Friday to Sunday.

Then, there’s the Hero Bonus, which rewards the Top 10 players who wager the most with a very generous prize pool of Bitcoins:

Daily Heroes stand to win a total of 57,000 bits, with the Number 1 Hero netting himself 30,000 bits.
Weekly Heroes share a total of 570,000 bits, with first place keeping 300,000 bits.
Monthly Heroes will have a piece of the 2.05 BTC cake, with the top dog winning 1 BTC.