Like quick Flash Bitcoin/ETH/DOGE/LTC games? Gamble more, chat more, collect badges and show them off at Bitsler.


A relative newcomer, having established in November 2015, Bitsler has managed to grow quickly and has one of the more active community of players when it comes to Bitcoin online gambling.

In addition to the familiar dice and roulette games that have become the staple of Bitcoin casinos, they also have two unique games for a bit of variety, making use of Flash interface for bright colours.

With its bonus structure built around player loyalty, the site has followed in the footsteps of other socially-interactive sites, encouraging players to return more often, bet more often, for increasingly attractive rewards.



Quick Flash games allow for smooth gameplay.


Friendly chat community.


Almost all major altcoins can be used to deposit in game currencies through ShapeShift.


Decent progressive faucet with improved player levels.


Plenty of social media promotions, in-chat games and rain bonuses.


0% house edge promotions.



US players not allowed.


Faucet earnings may get withdrawals declined.


Only 4 games to gamble at.

Deposits and Withdrawals

User accounts can deposit in Bitcoin and three other major alts: Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE). In addition, most of the other major alts can also be used to deposit into Bitsler through its useful Shapeshifter plugin (meaning you deposit through an external exchanger, for a fee).

There are no minimum or maximum deposits, and the site suggests 0 confirmation instant deposits, although “if your level of confidence of deposit is low, you have to wait 1 confirmation).

Minimum withdraw is set to 0.002 BTC/0.15 LTC/2,000 DOGE, with varying fee structures depending on how quickly you would like your withdrawal to confirm, starting at 0.0002 BTC/0.001 LTC/1 DOGE.


The flagship game at Bitsler is its Dice, which pays out between 1.0102 and 9,900. It features a Jackpot (with a minimum value of 0.25 BTC) which you will win if you hit a 77.77 and your bet ID ends in 77.

You can also play Roulette, as well as two games unique to Bitsler: Multicolor and caraYcruz. The former is basically a colour-coded roulette wheel while the latter asks you to bet on the outcomes of three coin flips. Each game comes with a helpful guide if you’re confused.

All games are provably fair and feature an autobet, and a live board updating the bets you made and those of other players. The standard house edge is also a respectable 1% but the best thing about this is that Bitsler also hosts 0% house edge games regularly!


Bitsler offers many chances at bonuses, starting with a free faucet available when your balance is zero. Starting at 300 satoshi and claimable 15 times a day, the faucet amount and maximum claims increase as your player level does.

Once you upload an avatar and your account is over an hour old, you can also participate in the Chat, and have a chance to get random bonus rains from the Chatbot.

Therein lies the loyalty programme of Bitsler, the more you wager, the higher your level. Wager to Level 30 and you become a VIP. Other than an increasing faucet (at the highest level you can claim 5,000 satoshi) you also get more rain from the Chatbot and are given more random bonuses, VIP players get dedicated support and unlimited faucet.

Follow their twitter, Facebook and bitcointalk thread and you can also take advantage of other bonuses and promotions as they are introduced.