Try out one of the original Bitcoin gambling games that pits you against other players with bustabit!


Amid the scores of Bitcoin dice sites, bustabit stood out for one of the most unique Bbitcoin gambling games which continues to hold its own even years after its first launch. Marketed as “the social gambling game”, bustabit is curiously interactive in the sense that you’re not only playing against chance, but pitting your nerves against other players in the same game.

Formerly known as Moneypot, bustabit has always been one of the most popular among the early Bitcoin gambling sites but maintains ownership and operation by MoneyPot SRL licensed in Costa Rica.

You’ll get a new look version if you register today but you’re still able to select the classic theme if you’re curious about how the site used to look like in the past.



Exciting interactive element to the game as you can chat with other players during the game, and watch the board for cash outs live.


Bonus feature makes it possible to beat house edge.


One of the oldest Bitcoin game with solid reputation for payouts.


Provably fair.


Large bankroll, with max payout of 26.9 BTC.



Only one game with real-time element that may confuse new players.


Support only available through email and forum.

Deposits and Withdrawals

bustabit has always and only accepted Bitcoin, with deposits available to play after 1 confirmation. As long as withdrawals are lower than the Hot Wallet balance, they’re processed instantly. Otherwise, they’ll be marked pending and can take anywhere between less than two hours to 24 hours to process.

There is a flat fee of 100 bits (10,000 satoshi) charged on all withdrawals, while the minimum amount for withdrawal is set at 200 bits, with 1 bit incrementals.


The single game in bustabit comes in the form of a graph, which shows in real time a game in progress. You can choose to participate in any round, placing a your bits as a bet and then either manually clicking cash out, or setting a fixed payout amount to reach. All other players do this and when the game starts, the multiplier starts at 1x, rising incrementally without any limit.

Each increment has a 1% chance of busting, so as the game progresses, the risk of busting goes higher. There is a bonus awarded to the last players to cash out, as well, further urging you to take your chances at delaying your cash out and getting that bonus.

Currently, the max bet is 1 BTC, although the max payout is fixed at about 10% of bankroll, with the exact amount displayed at the game.


There is no deposit bonus or faucet to claim free coins from. However, 1% of each player’s bet goes into a pot, which serves as a bonus awarded to the last players to cash out. This bonus rolls over if no one claims it.

This feature makes it possible for the shrewd player to overcome the house edge.