DiceBet is one of the fastest growing, uniquely designed and transparent crypto-casinos around today. It has a crowd funded bankroll and great odds with the lowest house edge of 0.7%

Gambling is always in season

What do you think of when it comes to gambling? Some of us immediately think poker, others think slots or some other sort of fame. You might even be a horse fan and think about the races. Whatever the case may be, you can immediately think of a sport or two that you been involved with from a gambling standpoint.

You might have bet on soccer, you have might have bet on football or even basketball.

Gambling is always in season, there’s always something to anticipate and potentially gain funds on and the sector has evolved. New technologies and designs have made it to where individuals don’t have to leave the comfort of their own home to hit their winning streak.

They can do so simply by opening up their laptop or tapping a few items on their mobile devices.

One particular technology that has helped to increase the quality of life of players when it comes to gambling is that of the blockchain. It has made for a variety of aspects allowing gamblers to trust the house and understand that the odds might more favorable. In addition to that the blockchain brings about several other advantages and if implemented correctly, it brings more potential value to all involved.

A few purveyors of this sector have paid attention and have seized the moment. They have integrated this technology and they have made it to where they push the gambling experience forward for new and old players in the gambling sector.

One that we will talk about today is one proprietor that focuses on one simple and specific niche in the sector of gambling.  A production from a group of people who have sought to make the overall experience just a little bit more better, just a little bit more cleaner and fun and simple.

This site is called DiceBet.

Let’s learn a little more about the platform and why they matter.



Great user interface and game play graphics.


BTC, LTC & ETH accepted


The ability to invest in the bankroll.


Site has been up for over 2 years.


Lowest House Edge Around At 0.7%


Top player wager bonuses.



Total bankroll is medium sized.


Maximum profit from one bet is under  5 Bitcoins.


Limited number of slot games.

The DiceBet Platform

One thing that you might immediately notice when you interact with the DiceBet platform is that you feel a sense of calm and relief. There’s no distractions, no clutter, no advertisements or pop-ups. All that there you will find is the dice, the game, you and the next roll.

This clean experience is compelling. Many times you can wander around and see different online gambling houses that offer a variety of games. They may do a good job or they may do a poor job of executing all of them in a really stupendous way.

You might not get the best but you could a lot for your time.

With Dice bet you get what you see. Just dice, nothing more and nothing less. The simple graphics indicate that professionals created the site. Dicebet comes with a modern interface for the modern player.

The next aspect that you will notice is the fact that it is a site that is provably fair.

This site not only looks great but also is great from a technical and substance standpoint as well.

Provably Fair

Provably fair is a big deal, especially in the world of chance. You don’t want the deck to be stacked against you in a deliberate manner.

No one signs up to lose.

In the world of online gambling, the mechanism of provably fair is simply an algorithm that can be inspected and checked by various parties.  One can use this to check if there is some sort of scam being pulled by the house in regard to fairness.

You might run into this algorithm at a few casinos. Not too many have it at the moment but those that do have taken some steps to prove to their audience that they are legitimate.

Provably fair mechanisms allow the player to look into each transaction that was made and be able to check it in a transparent manner.

Provably fair mechanisms are conducted through algorithms that are usually public, these algorithms are integrated into  varied seeds and hashes.

The player looks into the events that took place and check to see if anything fishy went on. All they have to do is look at the technical logic and the math.

Provably fair allows for more trust by logic.

What’s not to love?

DiceBet didn’t take any chances. They’ve implemented the aspect of provably fair and they’ve built on top of that foundation.


Dicebet has a place for investors. Most don’t know that Dicebet has a public bankroll. That means anyone can be an investor in Dicebet and earn Bitcoins. Simply go to their invest section and input the number of satoshis or Bitcoin that you would like to invest and watch the returns.

What else does DiceBet have in store for future players?

Varied cryptocurrencies

You can play with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum too! You don’t have to stick with fiat when you are playing with DiceBet. Gain Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin when the markets are down by either investing in the platform or by taking a chance and rolling the dice.

Check it out today.