King Dice

With a simple dice game with its own unique animation sequence and invest option, prospects look good for one of Bitcoin gambling‘s newcomers.


There’s no lack of new crypto entrepreneurs vying for a share of the growing Bitcoin gambling market. While KingDice has only been on the scene for just over six months after their launch in October 2016, with BTC 191 house bankroll and more than 16 million bets later, it certainly looks to have grown quickly.

With a simple dice game with its own unique animation sequence and invest option, prospects look good for one of Bitcoin gambling’s newcomers.

Getting started is a breeze: choose a username, agree to Terms and Conditions, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to set your password rightaway though, or you’ll lose access to your account (something we discovered when going right for the dice).



It’s a dice and investment site so may be perfect for someone who wants to diversify a gambling investment portfolio.


Quick signup, no verifications needed for payouts.


Mobile version.


500 satoshi faucet.



Restrictions on players from US, Canada and Australia.


Lack of information on investment options.


Limited outcomes means limited styles of play.


Only one game (dice).


There is a spate of new dice sites offering investment options and BetKing has also jumped on the bandwagon. With as little as BTC 0.001, you can invest in the house bankroll and take 50% of nett profits or losses, paid out weekly.

It does come short on transparency, however, with only a brief section on investments and no information available on the exact calculations of profit or verifiable information on the Hot/Cold Wallets mentioned on their site.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Bitcoin is the sole king at this portal and the standard rules apply. All deposits require 1 confirmation before you can play and withdrawals (at a minimum of BTC 0.001) are processed instantly for a fee of BTC 0.0002.

Maximum winnings stand at 1% of bankroll, so the max payout at time of writing is BTC 1.91.

Take the 15-minute confirmation time with a grain of salt, however, given the state of the Bitcoin network congestion lately!


The single dice game is similar to other Bitcoin dice sites: place a bet as small as 100 satoshi on an outcome that is above or below 1-98, for a win chance of between 1% to 98%. This can either be useful for players who don’t like dealing with decimals, but it also means there are only 98 outcomes to bet on.

The sound and animation that accompanies the dice roll could be a pull factor for the saturated dice game market, but in our opinion, you’ll quickly opt to disable both if you’re playing for hours.

The house edge is at a competitive 1% with a provably fair mechanism, which makes it one of the sites offering a house edge that is lower than the industry average.


There are no published bonuses on the website but KingDice does have a one-time free BTC giveaway to all new players who simply ask for it on the promotion thread at bitcointalk forum. Currently, this free amount is 50,000 satoshi, which is quite a head start for any player wanting to try their luck at this new site.

There is also a free faucet that will give out a generous 500 satoshi if your balance is below 100 satoshi.