You only live once, so why not try out this self-styled “YOLODice is for Bitcoin geeks” dice game?


If this gambling site’s name sounds slightly tongue-in-cheek, it’s only because of the good-natured intent from owners who obviously have a great deal of personal interest in making a game that’s reminiscent of the ultimate nature of gamblers – throw caution to the wind for a bit of good fun and a chance at good luck.

The site admin, who’s active and responsive in its bitcointalk forum thread, pays tribute to and takes inspiration from Just-Dice (a popular Bitcoin dice game that closed in 2014), He also makes a candid remark when saying that “Our goal was to give people (and ourselves) a similar level of adrenaline, a sense of community and a chance to play (and invest) with their favorite crypto currency“.

Nostalgia aside, YOLODice was built as a personal project with some very good ideas about transparency in crowdfunded bankrolls and a desire not to compete with the existing host of great Bitcoin gambling sites but to provide yet another stable, strong community project in continuous development.

As an example, a unique security feature is YOLODice’s use of a Master Address as part of its login and withdrawal procedure, requiring users to own a wallet that you can sign addresses from. This is a great example of utilising Bitcoin features in a site and helps protect your account from fraud.



Refreshingly detailed transparency on important aspects of site, especially investment.


Unique security feature with Master Address.


Very responsive on mobile and tablet.


Multiple no-deposit promotions.


Unique 0-confirmation deposit system.


Progressive faucet.



Only one game to play.


Could deter players not interested in highly-technical mathematical formula.


No phone support, though Live Support with owners available in chat.


YOLODice has one of the most transparent investment options we’ve seen. From beautifully-crafted infographics that display the performance and make-up of the house bankroll, to
the explanation with precise formula on how investment works, this is clearly a labour of love on the developers’ part.

With a starting amount of BTC 0.005, the site offers investors a generous 80% of profits and allows up to 10 times leverage on investors’ shares. Cold wallet addresses are also verifiable. Perhaps the only thing to improve on would be some detail on liability.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You can only play with everyone’s favourite cryptocurrency: Bitcoin.

For deposits less than BTC 0.1, YOLODice features a remarkable 0 confirmation deposit, provided you include a reasonable transaction fee for your deposit. While this isn’t very clear, it does mean that standard fee settings on most wallets will ensure you can play with your deposit within 15-20 seconds, even if it doesn’t confirm on the network.

Minimum withdrawal is at BTC 0.0001 with a standard fee of BTC 0.0001 (10,000 satoshi).

Withdrawals are instant as long as there are sufficient funds in its Hot Wallet and manually processed in batches when Cold Wallet funds are accessed. YOLODice commits to setting fees to target confirmations within several blocks.


There is just a single dice game on YOLODice but it has a high number of outcomes, allowing you to bet on a random number from 0 to 999,999. This makes for an extremely high possible payout of x990,000 your stake when betting at a 0.0001% chance to win.

This isn’t a critical danger to the bankroll, of course, as a single bet cannot win more than 0.5% of effective bankroll or 2.5% of bankroll, whichever is lower. The exact amount in BTC is updated live on the left side menu along with a detailed formula for calculating this.

A unique statistic also displayed is your Luck, which is just a statistical indication of how lucky (or unlucky) your betting has been.


There are no fixed bonuses but YOLODice runs a weekly competition that rewards five players with the most wagers with a share of a BTC 0.5 prize.

The chat is also a great place for active players to get a chance at free “rain” tips and prizes from random trivia games. YOLODice is also active on Twitter and hold regular Twitter-only giveaways, including an ongoing promotion that gives away USD 5 in Bitcoin to a randomly drawn follower who retweets.

Finally, when you have a 0 balance, you can access a faucet that starts at 200 satoshi and grows progressively up to 3,000 as you wager, deposit or invest more.