Etheroll is a provably fair, no sign up and no-deposit dice game. Growing rapidly in popularity they are definitely worth checking out.

What is Etheroll?

Etheroll is a basic 100 side dice diversion for online betting enthusiasts. And what an interesting diversion it is.

The potential dice enthusiast visiting Etheroll will be greeted by a verification message .The verification message will ask if the user is at least 18 years of age and if the user is able to stay in line with applicable laws. The disclaimer continues to state that the site does not wish to help individuals to bypass laws and that they are not responsible for any legal issues resulting from gameplay.

Moving on, one can find that Etheroll displays why it matters.

It has a basic, yet helpful interface which is simple and gives the most critical data to its clients in an unmistakable fashion.





Basic interface


No deposit & No sign up


The ability to invest in the bankroll.



Not as straight forward to start playing as other sites


Only Dice on offer

It is a provably-fair game with 1% house-edge, and provides all basic information on the front page of the betting site itself.

The factors include but are not limited to, bet size and chance to win rate, along with details for a Bet Slip.

The Bet Slip is simply a summary, it summarizes the choices made by the player before they move forward with rolling their dice.

It also provides information through different assistance articles that are sorted in independent tabs through the site’s clean interface.

This provision of information makes it easier for new users to find more information pertaining to the site.

However, some segments of information such as the latest information pertaining to bets only gets revealed when the users are connected to the Ethereum blockchain.

This can be achieved by two different methods.

  1. Users can install the Mist browser onto their computer.
  2. They can install the MetaMask browser extension in their existing Chrome, Mozilla or Opera

These methods help the users connect to the Ethereum blockchain without having to run any other external application from their conventional computers.

Making their lives simpler while helping them get to their end goal, the inevitable roll.

However, it should be noted that the Etheroll team asks for Mist browser for optimal functionality since the platform supports the Mist browser fully.

As compared to the partial support that it currently provides for MetaMask.

The platform implements this functionality to ensure that it is providing accessibility to the everyday user who enjoys playing cryptocurrency based games but cannot connect to the blockchain using heavy machines every now and then.

These functionalities enable the clients to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain without running some other outer application from their ordinary PCs.

Be that as it may, it ought to be noticed that the Etheroll team requests Mist browser to be leveraged for ideal usefulness.

Since the platform underpins the Mist program completely as compared to the fractional support that it yet has for MetaMask.

The platforms executes this functionality to guarantee that it is providing proper attention to the regular Facebook clients who appreciate playing cryptocurrency based betting games but cannot utilize the overwhelming machines to connect to blockchain.

How to play the game on Etheroll?

Once a connection has been made to the blockchain from an Ethereum node, players are able to access data pertaining to latest bets as well as being able to place their own bets by using direct deposits from their Ethereum wallet.

Since Etheroll does not require its users to make any deposits on the platform, users can simply select the betting options such as the amount, chance of win percentage and the number which they want to roll, and have the amount deducted from their wallet.

The number can be chosen from 1 to 100. If the number is lower then what the player selected, then they win and get their profits credited to their account after a deduction of 1 percent as the service fee.

If the rolled number is higher than what they chose, then they lose and get 1 Wei back to their wallet.

They still need to pay the Gas for the Ethereum blockchain, since that is something that goes directly goes to the blockchain and does not to the platform itself.

How can I start playing? Which cryptocurrencies does Etheroll accept?

Etheroll accepts all bets in Ether (ETH). The platform has its own eponymous token by the name of DICE, but that is not used for placing bets. The token is instead, utilized for governance, voting, and dividend distribution purposes among the token holders.

Providing further incentives and laying a groundwork for growth.

DICE holders receive collective of 100% of Ether payment profits from the platform, and these earnings are paid as dividends every 12 weeks.

Holders of DICE token also get to leverage the house-edge when placing bets on the platform.

The DICE token is trading at exchanges such as IDEX.

How is the customer service on Etheroll?

The Etheroll team expresses that it needs to answer to all client request no later than 24 hours of getting them.

The platform provides its support staff’s email address to players so they could connect with them through email, since the platform aims to provide a communicative service to its users in order to resolve any arising issues.

Is it a great experience?

Yes, overall, it is a great experience and it is certainly worth a try.