Just Dice

Just Dice is a very popular Bitcoin dice site that has a very trustworthy reputation in the Bitcoin gambling space.




Very trustworthy


Simple and easy to navigate


Great customer support



Only dice game option


No sign up bonuses

What is Just-Dice? First Impression?

Just-Dice provides a clean and simple interface that could very well remind you of games from the “old era” of computers, where all you had to kill time on the computer with games such as minesweeper.

Just dice hompage

The website even has the gray theme of the old age game applied to it (even though it may  not intentional), and the different options provided at the top of the page are exactly what you need to play the game.

There is no opulent graphical interface, there is no such requirement to “build your avatar” either. All you need to do to play the game is, just log on to the site, check the options, and start playing.

As stated above, the site provides all necessary details at the top of the page for its visitors. The buttons for bets, chances, and to select when and how to roll your dice are available there as well.

Most importantly, the game also claims to be provably fair and explains how it is so, by providing a few examples and the formula behind its own provably fair claim. The game also has a 1% house edge, which is explained in an elaborate manner by the site.

In addition to the dice games, Just-Dice also gives the option of “investment” to its visitors, where they can contribute towards the site’s bankroll, and gamble not just on the game, but whether their investment would turn out to be  profitable or a potential loss.

 The bankroll lets the site’s visitors invest in the site’s operations, and the return and losses are calculated on the amount and outcome of other users’ bets.

How is the customer service?

Unlike its more popular counterparts, Just-Dice provides simple solutions in terms of customer service as well, and lets its users reach out to the site’s admins through a live chat option.

The site also mentions the direct contact details of the admins so users could simply reach out to them accordingly.

How can I start playing? Which cryptocurrencies does just-dice accept?

While other websites start with cryptocurrency payments by accepting Bitcoin, Just-Dice does not except any cryptocurrency except for CLAMS.

This might be the first time that you are hearing of CLAMS, as it seems to be an unheard of cryptocurrency, so here it goes:

CLAMS was brought to light in 2014 and is built on Bitcoin’s code. Its few proponents swear by the coin and its ability to be better than Bitcoin, citing that, for starters, it uses a proof-of-stake consensus rather than Bitcoin’s old proof-of-work model.

While CLAMS is not considered a regular means of transaction by any perspective, Just-Dice does not want to budge from its requirement of only accepting CLAMS as the preferred payment method.

However, considering how other gambling sites now have their own obscure tokens which need to be first bought from them or an exchange before games could be played there, the requirement by Just-Dice does not seem to be that out of the ordinary. Especially, when CLAMS is easily available by popular exchanges such as Bittrex.

Therefore, interested players first need to buy CLAMS from one of the exchanges that trade them, and then move forward with transferring them to the Just-Dice address in order to go ahead and start enjoying the dice game.

The site does not have many intricacies when it comes to withdrawals and deposits.

The minimum deposit threshold is set at 0.001 CLAMs. Whereas, for withdrawals, users can take out as much of their deposited CLAMS as they deem fit.

However, they might need to contact the site’s admins manually in order to facilitate repeated withdrawal requests. The admins then verify that the email is from the correct user, and process the withdrawal. As per the site, it is done in order to ensure that the withdrawals are being done on the correct and verified users’ discretion only.

How fun is the experience to play? What is Overall review for Just-Dice?

The overall experience from Just-Dice depends upon the user’s perspective.

If you are the kind of person who would rather read a book than watch a movie, then this might be for you, as it is all about the experience that you get to derive from it, yourself. The game does not have any heavy graphical elements or even any graphical elements at all. All that it offers is simple and clean fun. The appeal of Just-Dice may be in the simplicity that it provides, the idea of providing an experience or feeling of betting on something and to see if it plays out in your favor or not.

The way that Just-Dice presents itself is risky for the site, but if you think about it, with the aforementioned explanation in mind, then you may see how the site could actually be carving a niche for itself. Within a world of highly graphical online games, if Just-Dice keeps it simple, they may have an appeal to a growing audience, being one of the old fashioned games that only relied on a few lines of text and set number of functions.

Therefore, if you think you might like something of that sort, then go for it. Otherwise, if you would rather visit a site that accepts more mainstream cryptocurrencies while also providing you with heavy graphics in terms of a visual game, then you might need to look at other options.