Satoshi Mines

Ever wish you could gamble on Minesweeper?


Whoever came up with the idea of Satoshi Mines clearly lost hundreds of hours in the 90s playing that infamous time-eater of a game called Minesweeper that came bundled free with the early Windows-based computers.

Unlike Minesweeper, where the objective is to completely clear the board of free tiles and leaving out hidden mines that will end the game while aided by clues, there is no hint of where the mines are hidden in Satoshi Mines. It’s all probability and luck: the entire breadth of a gambling game.

That’s the site’s strength and its weakness. It has a simple “Help” section with a form to contact support but there is no other information available nor anything else to do.

There seems to be some disgruntled players when looking at independent forums, owing to some crashes when playing for long periods, although we did not experience this. It is worth noting that the site displays version 0.8.2 as of 2017, suggesting that the software may not be good enough for a fully stable public release.

The rest of the site is a throwback to the idea of lightweight Bitcoin games on spartan sites that sprung up on the Internet in 2013 and 2014: low on depth and design, but great at playability and simplicity.



One Satoshi Mines game to rule them all.


Quick to play and straightforward deposit and cashout.


Playable on mobile browsers.



House edge not revealed though has basic provably fair mechanism.


Only one game with no other information such as statistics available.


Support only reachable via email.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Satoshi Mines only accepts Bitcoins and in denominations of mBits (100 satoshi or 0.000001 BTC). The minimum bet (and therefore deposit) is 30 bits and the maximum is 0.1 BTC at the highest payout of x 23.039.

Minimum withdrawal is at 28 bits and this is processed instantly but only after all deposits have had at least 3 confirmations.


There is only one game to play and only one interface to navigate, so there’s no confusion about where to go after you click “Start Playing” on the website.

Whether or not you’re familiar with the original Minesweeper, Satoshi Mines is pretty much straightforward. You play on a board of 25 tiles, selecting how many “mines” you would like to be hidden behind those tiles: 1, 3, 5 or 24.

Then you place a bet, start the game and click on individual tiles. If the tile does not reveal a hidden mine, then you win an amount that increases with the number of mines left hidden and the number of tiles you’ve already opened.

Each game and click will also display the secret SHA256 hash as part of its provably fair mechanism.


There are no bonuses or promotions at Satoshi Mines.